Hardware check

My hardware configuration actually is:
Wndows 10
Intel i5 4440
8 Giga RAM
Mother B: Acer Veriton x 2631G
Graphics: Acer H226 HQL

Question: It’s ok as minimum configuration or not?

I don’t think that’s a graphics card ? I googled it and it’s a monitor ?

Personally i would not bother - knowing all the issues in this, and how CPU heavy and ram heavy this is, id save money. Alternatively, download it for a dollar on the Gamepass and try it, but i think it will be a terrible experience.

I have a watercooled i7/7700 with 64 GB Ram and a GTX 1080. Even at the proposed NVIDIA settings which are mostly medium with a few “High” my CPU continuously maxes out at 100% - while the graphics card is almost at idle. The game has been unplayable for me for the last 3 days with stutters and frequently freezing completely.


This so weird. I have an i7/9700k, 32 GiB RAM and a 1080ti. High end settings with some medium. CPU 60-70%, GPU 85-90%. No stutters. The only thing I can think of is hyper threading. The i7/9700k doesn’t have it. 8 cores, not HT.

I noticed yesterday that flying from one deserted Norwegian airstrip to another runs pretty fluent with short loading times. Trying the same with US airfields is a different story. I also now skip ATC communication and only use the map which eliminated the stuttering when zooming or shifting the map.
I certainly will not spend a few thousand dollars to upgrade my rig just to fly stutter-free acrosss Lower Manhattan in a GA plane with partial panel functionality.
Oh and by the way, I really enjoy flying across Norway under the midnight sun. MS did a good job with the weather.

Absurd. You have a great processor, a very good video card and a sea of RAM. Normally it should turn in ultra without problems to ca. 25/30 FPS

I allowed the NVIDIA GeForce Experience to optimize the settings and I ended up with mostly medium to low, only buildings, trees and volumetric clouds set to high.
I noticed, when flying with task manager on, that my graphics card was literally twiddling its thumbs but my CPU shot a few spikes already during the loading screen and then stayed almost glued at 100% when the flight began. I have no idea how to fix that and I suspect that adjusting my graphics settings higher might put even more strain on the CPU.
(Note: I am a dumb user. My level of computer knowledge is best described as: Recognizes a computer when he sees one.)

I7-9700k, 16GB RAM, 1070ti latest drivers, 3440x1440 on install it set everything high. No idea what the frame rate is but it is silky smooth over London.

If you look at the number of cores in task manager. How many do you count? I see on other fora that enabling hyper threading helped a lot for some. So if you count 4 cores then you can enable HT in BIOS so you have 8 threads or virtual cores. If you have already HT and have 8 cores glued at 100% then maybe other processes are interfering. If I look at the requirements you should be fine at at least medium settings. And the fact that you gpu is not busy suggests that de cpu has no room left for supporting graphic tasks. Check in the taskmanager if no virusscanner or other process is using too much cpu at the same time.

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Thanks a lot, but as a dumb user I am somewhat reluctant to fiddle with my BIOS. I just did a test flight with the DR400 from Hammerfest to Valan with max graphics settings and it ran very smoothly with just one short stutter. CPU was around 80% all the time but the graphics CPU maxed out at 100% continuously. I will try one more flight with slightly lowered graphics and then go for a circle over Manhattan. If that is ok I will keep these settings. Fingers crossed.
Btw. I boasted with my RAM, I only got 32 GB (see - dumb user)
edit: Night flight fm Brooklyn Bridge to the Statue of Liberty, occasional stutter, otherwise ok.
Maybe I will look for a new graphics card. It sems to take a lot of work off the CPU