Hardware OUT sound and ghost input in MSFS

whenever I’m flying, no matter if it’s in the air or on the ground, I regularly hear the Windows 11 Hardware Out Sound and then the plane goes crazy for a short moment.

The thrust lever moves for a second and the engines roar. With the Cj4, for example, the landing gear is retracted, but this happens so quickly that you only hear the sound and no animation.

The strange thing is that when you hear this Windows 11 sound, it doesn’t always happen that something moves in the game. BUT when this sound is heard, the simulator often hangs and my GPU shuts down to 0. I see that in Task Manager.

After a short time everything picks up again and the GPU increases to 90 to 100.

There is actually the phenomenon that the MSFS hangs and crashes on a hardware output. There are a few threads about Ghost Inputs, but I’ve already followed all the tips.

I’m just wondering why my GPU shuts down every time and this Windows sound comes at regular intervals on every flight. It’s definitely the hardware OUT sound from Windows 11.

Intel Core i7-9700F CPU 3.00GHz

Thrustmaster TPR Pedals
Thrustmaster TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition

Is anybody there???

I would check GPU temperature. It sounds as if you could be getting throttling.