Hardware Programming

I find it difficult to program and bind my hardware to MSFS. Control setup is not very user friendly. Attempting to program Saitek Radio, Multi-Panel, TPM and Switch Panels, Pro Flight Cessna Yoke, Thrustmaster TPR Pedals, and Reality and Reality XP Garmin 530. Im Controls, hardware shows up and works. In Flight Sim, very few if any work properly.

I have no issues in programing in other Flight Simulators, everything works!

System: Windows 10 Pro, Intel i9-9940x, CPU 3.30GHz, GPU GeForce RTX 2080, Motherboard EVGA x299 Dark.
Any advice greatly appreciated, Thanks, Bob

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I can’t speak to the more advanced devices, but you should be able to bind your Yoke and Pedals (I use the TPR’s). A number of popular controllers do not come with any default bindings in this version of the sim (including my CH Yoke) The Control setup system can be frustrating to learn, but it will let you bind your controllers the way you want. There are quite a few threads on this now and some really good tutorials and guides. Here are a few to get you started:

In addition these are my general tips to help with setting up and modifying Controllers:

  • The Control Filter at the bottom of the left part of the screen defaults to “Assigned” which only shows the commands that are currently bound to the selected controller. If the controller doesn’t have default bindings, you won’t see anything! To see all the commands, change the filter to “All”. To see a recommended set of starting commands select “Essentials”. The “Search By Name” will let you narrow down the (very long!) list of commands. Helpful Name searches are “Axis” (see below) and the various views “Cockpit”, “Instrument”, “Drone”, “External”.
  • To bind an input (button, switch, slider, axis) you don’t need to know the actual input number for your controller. MSFS can recognize the input just by activating it during binding. When you click on a command, it will bring up the “binding window”. Click on the space that says “Search By Input” and it will light up. Now physically activate the input on your controller. The space should fill in with the input number. Click “Validate” to complete the binding.
  • All “linear” controls need to use the “AXIS” commands, not the basic commands. That is the issue you are having with your control inputs. This includes control surfaces, engine controls (throttle, etc), brakes, etc. Basically anything that needs proportional input will use the “Axis” version of the command.
  • Unless you have a complex throttle quadrant with multiple throttles, make sure you bind your Throttle to the “Throttle Axis” command and not any of the numbered Throttles. This will control all throttles on multi-engine aircraft simultaneously.
  • A lot of the MSFS default controller profiles use the “Cockpit Quickview” commands which snap back to center. The secret to smooth panning around the Cockpit is to use the “Cockpit Look” commands. Make sure you delete any currently assigned Cockpit View commands for the Hat and then create new bindings using “Cockpit Look”. Depending on your hat, you can map 4 or 8 directions.
  • You can actually access and change Control bindings while inside the live sim (use Esc to get to the main menus). This is helpful if you are trying to fine tune or debug things.
  • You can create multiple binding Profiles for each of your Controllers. This is helpful if you want to map your controls differently for different aircraft. It is also useful if you need to adjust the Sensitivity settings differently for different aircraft. Just make sure you select the correct Profile for each session.
  • I have not used any external controller management or calibration applications or drivers. If you do, your mileage may vary! For sure any control input assignments you make outside MSFS will not carry through inside the sim. The CH Manager application has caused problems for some users of CH products.
  • Adding an Xbox Game Controller (wired or wireless) makes controlling the Drone Cam and Slew really easy and intuitive! MSFS immediately recognizes it and sets up all the bindings by Default.

If you need more help or have other specific questions, let us know! Rick

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