Hardware Question

Hi community,

I’ve been doing some more tweaking of my system, but it’s still falling short somewhere. I still get a bit of stuttering in the sim, and I’m wondering if it’s my graphics card which is the bottleneck. So, would you please like to express opinions about my system please?

My system:

Intel Core i7 9700k CPU; Turbo @ 4.3Ghz
Asrock Taichi Motherboard
3x Samsung EVO Plus 1Gb M2 SSD’s (1 devoted entirely to the sim)
On Board Realtek Audio
Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1070Ti video card
AOC Q3279 30 inch LCD Monitor
Windows 10 Professional, up to date.
GeForce 460.89 drivers

Running the sim in 1440 x 2560 resolution.

A video card upgrade perhaps?



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If you switch on Developer Mode and select Display FPS from the Opions menu, it will show you whether you’re GPU or CPU limited, along with graphs that should give you an idea of which is causing the stutters.

But I think you’re probably right and a GPU upgrade would help performance at 1440.

Why? The default allcore turbo of the 9700K is 4.6GHz.

I have a GTX 1080 in my system (and also an 9700K), also playing at 1440p. With settings on ‘high’ I have about 30fps at airports and 45fps in the air (with the A320).

A GPU upgrade should give you better performance, however I found out that the 9700K can’t do much more than 50fps anyways.