Hardware upgrade and FS2020 upgrade

Have not purchased FS2020 quite yet, probably in September. Waiting for the new Nvidia RTX3xxx graphics cards to come out and also the HP Reverb G2 VR headset. In the meantime would FS2020 run on a GTX980Ti? Probably not on high or ultra? Also I will buy the standard edition, but will you be able to upgrade to the full version at a later time?

It will run fine on 980ti, but if you are running on 4k, you will need to drop settings back. And yes, you can upgrade to most expensive version after the fact. However, the net cost of buying standard then upgrading is higher than outright purchasing the most expensive version.

I have a GTX 980 TI and it runs well. I have fps around 20-25 on high settings but it feels smooth. The graphics is stunning so it is definitely worth it. The built in fps meter says that I’m limited by GPU so I’m also waiting for the new 3xxxx.

I found one issue yesterday not related to my GPU, when I started the Little Nav Map (a stand alone app with a map where you can see where you fly) the fps dropped dramatically. I closed that app and fps was restored to normal. There must some software issue with simconnect (?) or whatever API it is using.