Has anybody been able to eliminate cockpit stutter in the Reverb G2 with motion projection turned off?

Yeah - seen a lot of comments on that. As for me, no - not really any problem with shimmering that I’ve noticed. I did play around with antialiasing … FXAA does get a bit more performance but pretty bad shimmering (you have to imagine it’s the effect of heat haze :laughing:). TAA is much better, and seems to be manageable now.

For what it’s worth, I found motion reprojection caused all sorts of ‘tearing’ and ‘wobbling’ (for want of a better description) in the scenery as well as the propeller artifacts … the main reason I didn’t like using it even though it can do a good job of smoothing the display.


Just checked … only place I’m getting significant shimmering in VR is around very thin model items (poles, railings etc.) against a distant background (as ringed in the screenshot, SBGL). Elsewhere, nope, pretty steady

(Screenshot is 2D … so a little better than what I get in VR :wink:)


Specifically on anti aliasing in VR, if anyone hasn’t found it yet - see this thread.