Has anyone got actual 5.1 surround sound

Im interested to hear if anyone has managed to get 5.1 surround sound with a dedicated sound card feeding a 5.1 surround sound av system.
I get sounds out of all my speakers, my windows surround sound test works fine but im not convinced msfs is actually 5.1 surround sound.
I loved being able to put the engine sounds behind me in the majestic dash in P3D, but I’ve noticed all of my msfs recordings through nvidia shadowplay when I use my editing software doesn’t give me the option to produce in 5.1 surround sound, which makes me believe it most likely isn’t recorded in 5.1 surround sound.

I had heard that MSFS is 2.1 but I’m pretty confident I’m getting 5.1 surround. I can hear directional sound appropriately from my surround speakers.

From outside the sounds change as you rotate around the aircraft, but inside it doesn’t change much at all as you look around, sound is certainly not a high point in this sim, not yet anyway. I forgot to mention I’m using Astro A50 headphones and they do very good surround sound if the source is mixed well.

I have 7.1 headphones and it sounds like really good but I can’t count how many speakers are there.

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Yes, I have 5.1. But I also have 16 channels of audio. :slight_smile:

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as a gentile reminder: most headphones that are marketed to have n.1 surround sound isn’t actually true n.1 surround sound. It’s completely simulated to give the effect of directional audio.

I’m still of the firm belief if you want 5.1, 7.1 or whatever you will need that many individual speakers. They have 9.2 surround sound now: 2 side, 2 front, 2 rear, 2 ceiling mounted, a soundbar and 2 subwoofers. But Dolby Atmos is not quite industry standard yet…


Psychoacoustics have come a long way in the last few years , Sony’s 3D sound on the PS5 is very convincing. I’ve got a 7.1.4 setup in my home theatre and it amazes me how good the audio is positionally wise on the PS5. The Astro A50 is no slouch either and they have been around a lot longer

I have my graphics card connected to my Marantz AV receiver via HDMI. I also have real 5.1 surround speakers so that’s front left/right, centre, rear left/right, subwoofer and can confirm real surround audio is output and it’s very convincing. An example is in an airliner the engine noise comes mostly from the rear speakers when I’m in the cockpit.

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I have a 7.1 dolby atmos system, and i get sounds from all speakers in MSFS,
if the output from the sim was just stereo, just my front speakers would work because i
explicitly configured my setup to play stereo sources as just that (so its not pro logic upmix or something).
So i can confirm the sim
supports some kind of multichannel audio.

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Good point make sure in Windows sound settings audio output is set to surround 5.1 not stereo. Helpfully on my AV receiver’s display I can see when it’s stereo or multichannel audio being output.

I have a 5.1 setup. Works in every game I have that supports it and movies too.

As far as I can tell, MSFS puts out stereo only. I don’t get any discernable positional sound beyond basic stereo.


Surround definitely works, if i go in dronemode and rotate the camera away from the plane i hear it mostly from the rear speakers.


wait wait whats the .4?

No what you’re saying doesn’t make a lot of sense since when you’re turning around the plane with the external camera, the plane stays in front of you, so in a surround setup, you’ll still hear it in the front speaker.
What you hear is the engine sound being different whether it’s right in front of the camera or further away. Unless you were talking about the drone cam?

But anyway, I can confirm that surround works fine. I’ve a 5.1 setup, here is a sample (377Mo) with the drone camera revolving around a Cessna, with 5.1 sound to download in case you have any doubt:


Yup. Have an old 6.1 setup but I’d not connected all the speakers for some years, though recently I did set it up to listen to the Quad and 5.1 versions of ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ - it definitely works. I only run the front 3 and the subwoofer normally, due to my room.
I also had some ‘real’ surround Medusa headphones sometime ago - I say ‘real’ as they actually had 4 drivers per ear IIRC (I guess you’d call them 6.2 as they had 2 bass drivers) - I felt that they were slightly better at positioning than the current ‘virtual’ 5.1 cans (that attempt it with delays etc) that I have but TBH I reckon surround headphones are almost a gimick (and I’ve had 3 pairs and tried a couple others too)

I have only 2.1 system, so I don’t know either, but I just have to give a like to someone who has chosen Cpt Haddock as his avatar.

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I have a ticket open with Zendek. My system has 5.1 Surround Sound with 5 speakers and a sub-woofer (Default Sound settings). The 2 rear speakers only omit a “buzzing” sound, yet they work fine on other games.

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Thank you. Tin Tin was a must watch show and comic when I was much younger.

I agree most do but mine don’t, but they have a built in ear cooling system for the hot summertime long flights.