Has Anyone Made FA Sounds or Crew Sounds to Use During Flight?!

In Xplane and other sims, you could download/buy/freeware sound packs for specific airliners and they’d play FA announcements, as well as the captain would welcome, then captain would speak during climb and before descent, then on approach.

Has anyone figured a mod on how to build these since Asobo would probably take way too long.

Hope somebody can made that! :blush:

I had http://www.fspassengers.com/ in FSX and found it to be really good to fligh with. But I could not find anything on the topic of releasing it for 2020.

I really hope some 3rd Party developer will put something on the market…



I’m happy to show you:


And it has a full working 30 days trial version:


I tested it and wrote a review about it for FsVisions.nl:


I gave this great add-on a 9.5, its really good!

I hope you like it!



Matthias from FsVisions

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Is this a third-party request?