Has anyone noticed the new awesome upgrades in details in the newest update?

Hi aviation fans,

I have installed the newest update and I am impressed about how much has improved and how many beautyfully handcrafted details were added to the sim!

Here are a few examples:


My goodness, I have not seen all those enhancements that you mentioned , however, it does look and feel much better to me. So far, I have not had a CTD…fingers crossed.

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Wow good job pointing out all these details.

You should see how awesome the Airbus textures look like now. :wink: Absolute photorealism.

The Fly by Wire Airbus suddenly is in urgent need of a cockpit texture upgrade to compete with this:


Well, so far, I only update the Sim and check fps, to be honest, there was an improvement of more than 20 fps for me, and no stutters, now the msfs runs smoother than I have ever seen. . One negative point was that fake dc10. I thought that was a new airplane to fly but it isn’t.
Bad joke asobo, bad joke :rofl::rofl::rofl::airplane::airplane::airplane:

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