Has anyone on XBOX Beta10 (or 9) having good experience with iniBuilds Heathrow?

Since IniBuilds sale is prominently posted on the XBOX market place main screen area, I was wondering if folks are having better luck while at Heathrow and not CTDing? or any of the other sale airports iniBuilds makes on sale. It looks so good I’d like to take advantage of the sale. But I’ve read alot of people were having issues with it. Maybe 10 will fix it?

hi, I just posted something about this (do NOT buy on xbox - I’m on SU10 BETA)

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Thx so much. I was really hoping it might work Beta10. Oh well. Glad I didnt waste my money on it. I’d switch over to a PC if I could, but being old, retired and whatnot, that’s not gonna happen ($$). I’m happy with the limitations on the XBOX, but just can’t figure out why MS would put items up on the XBOX market place that won’t work correctly (and leave them up there for sale when they know good and well they cause issues). Jeez!