Has anyone received an answer to an inquiry in the Zendesk yet?

How long did the answer take to receive?

Not 100% sure how the zendesk works but from what I have read and my understanding is that it’s all automated. They will get the report and file it , send it to the right people that are working on that particular issue. Depending on the number of reports the severity of the issue it may or may not get fixed in the next patch or up coming patches.

Example crash to desk top type issues would get fixed before a scenery issue.

This might not be the answer you are looking for but hope it helps a little.

edit: you should get a email that they have received the report

AFAIK they never respond. It’s only for reporting bugs, and you won’t get any response other than that they status of the ticket can change.

I have, reported a CTD issue, was provided with extensive problem solving steps.

Yes the system is an automated setup that can triage input and can also auto-send responses with known work-arounds. Most things will only get a received notice with no other info provided.

I’m unable to discuss the details due to the NDA during the alpha, but one bug I reported did get a follow up question and confirmation it was being passed to the dev team.

I received a couple of responses for scenery issues I submitted. Fairly generic responses to be honest, but you can’t expect much more (if anything) for bug reports when they’re probably received hundreds a day.

I did way back when, … about the install. But if I remember correctly nothing was accomplished.