Has anyone tried enabling shader cache for Nvidia driver 496.13

I tried with this tonight and dropped 5-10c temp on my GPU. I normally run at around 75c. Highest I see now is 71c, but mostly around 65c. I tried all of the heavy GPU intensive areas to try to push this back up again. New York is where I saw 71c. Queensland airport looked very ropey initially, but even that seems settled now.

I have tried a reset with everything back again, and the temp still has not gone back to previous levels. Something very weird with this one for me.

My specs are : AMD 5950, Nvidia 3090, 16GB (1900/3800). 2TB M2

If anyone tries it out let me know how you get on please. I will check mine out again in the morning. Getting late here, and maybe a fresh head will help me see this one differently.

I don’t usually have problems updating to new driver versions, but this driver and the previous version both caused my graphics card fans to run at high speed all the time when running MSFS. I have reverted back to 471.96 and all is fine again. Hopefully the next version will find these issues resolved.

Your card gets warmer it seems. You could apply a fan curve on your own with any overclock app

This all could just be psychosomatics and a slightly lower room temp. It really is too close to call. I am finding this version an actual improvement. I enabled shader cache to unlimited. The release notes are showing some very large changes. But, even if it is just psychological, I will take it.

Temps have came back up again gradually. It very much looks like Nvidia have disabled a resource and then re-enabled progressively to check stability. I have not read this anywhere. I am guessing this by the way I watched the temp come back up again.

It feels a lot more stable. It also looks to have dropped by 1-2c overall. This could be down to lower memory allocation. Previous driver I sit around 7GB. Where as right now it is 5.2-5.3GB. They have also done some stuff with Vsync. This could also be the reason it feels better.

I will keep looking into it for myself. I was just stunned to see such a drop in temps.

Fan curve seems fine. Fans run at max speed at around 65c +.

I don’t know that I want to mess with manually setting fan speeds at this point since the 471.96 driver works well with Win 11 on my PC and does not ramp up fan speeds like the newest driver. I’ll wait and see and also try to find more info on why this version is causing my fan speeds to run faster. The main point about that is it’s just annoyingly loud and since I haven’t experienced it for prolonged periods of time while using the sim it isn’t tolerable to me.

Have you checked out what is happening with HWinfo ?

My hardware monitoring software was giving absolute garbage info with this driver, I suggest you update or reinstall it.