Has anyone used the FBW new message system?

Just wondering if someone has tried it.

I have used the message system to request the METAR. It works, I can receive the message and I can open it to read the METAR. But whether those METAR are accurate or not, I haven’t tested that far yet.

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Metar matched what I saw in STKP so I guess it’s pretty accurate? I tried the message feature as well. Messaged myself with it lol. I did see a screenshot on their discord where someone got a random message.

The METAR could match… but does it really match with the live weather in the sim? I already set the AOC to use the Meteoblue (MSFS) as a source though. But I’m still not convinced yet.

The reason is that I tried to build a flight with a preset weather. Everything clear, no clouds, no winds, standard barometric pressure and 15 degrees C. But requesting the METAR through the MCDU, gives me the actual current METAR as if it’s on a live weather.

I guess if have unreal mod can confirm the metar.

I guess when you see other a320, you don’t know if they havr mod or not.

I am kitty 1123

What is this? How can I access it?

The latest Flybywire mod has it.

my understanding is, that you always get real METAR, but can choose the source to download from.

So when you set Meteoblue (MSFS) you get the same METAR the Sim would use for live weather.

If you set Live weather in the sim, is a different story though.

Yeah, I think I can confirm that the METAR and the Live weather “somewhat” matches. I just hate it when my ATC is assigning me a runway with a tailwind. The ATC doesn’t seem to take wind direction into account, or at least not following any active runway.

Is anybody willing to give a quick tutorial on how to use the message system?

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I haven’t found this part yet

Here is a video which will show you:

It is made by the person who did the code changes to the mod.

For the geeks, more information on the particular PR can be found here: Basic ATSU, AIDS, CFDS functionality + options menu by wpine215 · Pull Request #1280 · flybywiresim/a32nx · GitHub


This. Seems to pull current real world METAR/TAF.

Which unfortunately and familiarly doesn’t necessarily match in-sim weather. From what I can remember they are even using the Microsoft weather API.

As a side effect, this sort of proves that the sim seems indeed to be pulling correct data but often fails to properly make use of it.

Quote from the code author on that PR link:

“Data is pulled from MSFS’s METAR API which I datamined from the game files (no in-game weather SDK functions at the moment). Routed through a Google Cloud API because direct requests from a locally hosted file are prevented because of CORS rules that MSFS set on their server”


This is the exact quote, thanks.

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what are the steps to get a metar report ? and to send a message?

btw I don’t see the block and weight entry anymore.

it keeps saying recipient not found , even when i do show my own name.

  • MCDU MENU press
  • ATSU press
  • AOC MENU press
  • WX REQUEST press
  • WX TYPE select METAR / TAF if rqeuired
  • SEND press (-> queued -> sent)
  • RECIEVED MESSAGES press (takes around 15-20 seconds until message is recieved / message doesn’t get pushed while in the sub-menu at the moment

What entry? Which version of the mod are you on?

Yeah, it works. Someone sent me a message. I guess we both have to be online in game.

Basically, we can text each other in game by call name and number. Not sure how useful , though, lol.

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