Has Beta 3 Broken the Fenix A320?

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With the automatics in as normal, since yesterdays beta the autothrottle is not controlling the speed properly. I’m seeing the same N1 indications I’d normally see on approach (two separate lines forming an arc with 3 curved lines in the middle) in all other phases of flight. When level in the cruise the the thrust is not adjusting as it should meaning the aircraft just keeps accelerating into the overspeed warning.

Looking at the last image it appears that whatever the commanded thrust is, for some reason the aircraft is producing significantly more

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Authothrust Engaged

Autothrust Disengaged

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Fly the Fenix Airbus in the latest beta

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This is because you either deleted the content file or you need to enter the lines for the fenix A320 into the content file.

This has been an issue since the beginning of SU10 beta.

Just make sure you have the content file with the added lines in it.

There is a thread in here showing what the lines are. It’s also in the discord

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Thankfully I still have the file so will reinstate it.

Do you have the discord link by the way? I can’t find it anywhere.

Here is the thread.

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Topic moved into Beta 3rd Party

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