Has Bush Trip refueling been fixed yet?

I understand I can use a cheat to refuel in mid-air, but for realism purposes I would like to refuel at an airport during Bush Trips. Has it been fixed yet? Thanks.

Firstly, welcome! What I did was refuel before takeoff. If you want to really make it more immersive, you could taxi near a hangar or refueling station first.

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ok but are there any plans of actually fixing this bug? it’s like they forgot or dont even know its broken

Have you been keeping up to date on the Developer’s Q&A? I have not done any of the Bush trips or those things, so I have no idea what you’re asking about, but I have seen them mention they’re working on fixes for the Bush Trips. I don’t remember them saying that particular feature, though. Then again, that doesn’t mean they didn’t say it either.

your plane does not have enough fuel to complete the bush trips. the simulator wont let you refuel at airports. people found a workaround so does that mean no one intends to fix the actual problem?

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