Has eye adaption been removed in latest build?

Hmm I did notice less blown out brightness from the cockpit when testing yesterday. It looked very natural to be honest, I think they’ve tweaked it if anything because it still does adapt but not as harshly.

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If that’s what caused the terrible over exposure/brightness in the cockpit… then good riddance.


So you say the brightness effect is now much more realistic?

Hard to say really, everything had more even lighting / exposure though contrast was also lower.

Will need to do a bit more testing now that I know what to look for.

you mean the unrealistic camera view that exposes the entire image outside the cockpit when you look at a panel?
If that’s removed i’ll be so happy.
We have actual human eyes not handheld cameras, our eyes do not behave like that.


The effect is definitely overdone, but our eyes do sort of behave like that. It’s why if you drive through a tunnel, the other side of it will look like a bright white light and only as you approach the exit of the tunnel do your eyes readjust to the bright scene. Same reason why said tunnel might look pitch black from the outside until you’re in it. Our eyes have a much higher dynamic range than cameras though, so HDR monitors help a bit or an HDR effect. I’m all for the effect being toned down in SU10 though.

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Just make it an option in the settings. Boom fixed.


I know some will say “but there are too many settings” but I agree with you 100%.

I’ve had it switched off (using the config file) for months. But I guess that doesn’t help XB users.

There can never be too many settings if that means you don’t rob users of features they liked (and paid for), just because a minority complains about them.


That’s never worked.

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Well guys I can say with SU10 the effect has been removed. The consequences? Too dark a cockpit during night and especially when flying under a full overcast. Not even the dome lights help.

Someone has to address this please, I can’t fly like this anymore and it sucks because I really got into the A320 and it’s all I’ve been flying the past several months.

It’s exactly the same it has been prior to the SU10 beta.

Its definitely not ! And definitely been tuned down.

In my opinion it is :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks the same to me on SX.

Are you serious? Most definitely not.

Ok… IN MY OPINION… After going back to SU9 for a few days prior to the public release of SU10 it is the same to me, it is certainly NOT the monstrosity we had in early SU10 beta.

For the record, it is still not fully correct, it does need more work and the Eye Adaption setting in the usercfg needs to work 100% for those of us who wish to turn it off completely.

Curious, are people seeing a difference all using VR?

The reason I ask is the release notes say:

Camera auto exposure now adapt to a reduced area in the center of the screen in VR. This avoids too dark cockpit instruments when looking at them, or over brighten exterior when looking through the window

So it seems to have changed a bit in VR specifically, with no described change outside of VR.

I use VR exclusively, and have definitely seen a difference.

From previously, it has been “toned down”, i.e. the contrast between looking up and looking down is clearly “smoother” in transition. It’s definitely still there though, it has not been removed.
I like it as it is now. It’s no longer really noticeable, just does a good job of simulating how the eye adapts to differing lighting conditions.
Obviously, it’s a tricky thing to try to emulate the amazing job our eyes do at dealing with the dynamic range which is present in the real world.

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