Has the DMZ been censored? if so is that a bad direction for the future of this simulation

One of the very first things that I did when MSFS first came out, long with flying over a couple of childhood homes… Was a flight along the entire DMZ. Absolutely loved the flight and some of the detail of the fence lines was quite breath taking and hard hitting for those who live thousands of KMs away from this fascinating but sad place.
I am currently doing a flight along the border again and I am finding a big section of border has now been replaced with the ‘generic’ textures you would find when you have a internet outage… Have they or are they currently editing/censoring out sections of this border and if so…
Is that sending a unprecedented and poor direction for this game and future “sensitive” areas around the world that government’s would like to be censored out in the future and wreaking some enjoyment of this politically neutral game that this MSFS should be

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Section in question is between airfields RKOY and RKOZ

This is what I saw from the DMZ a month ago

Most of it was poor quality terrain, North Korean side mostly absent. I have no idea if they’re editing anything out but military things have been blurred from the start so might be subject to updates like everything else.