Has the FBW Mod Been Fixed Since Update?

Last month I tried out the FBW mod for the A320neo after the USA update which completely broke the default A320neo. I had the mod for a week and then deleted it. I decided to just wait and hope for a fix to the default A320 in the latest sim update on December 22nd. While the AP is fixed now, something that is still broken from the USA update is that it feels very underpowered and takes FOREVER to climb to cruising altitude which is a big issue.

I’m tempted to try the mod again, but I heard that after last week’s update it was broke. So, I’m simply wondering has the mod been fixed since last week’s sim update and how is it working? There’s probably already a topic on here about it, but I couldn’t find anything to answer my question. Thanks.

It works, 5.1 is the stable build, try out the developers version, that gets updated almost hourly!

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Upgrades and fixes are added to the development version at least once every day.
So a lot has changed since then.
It been pretty good since a day or so after the MSFS patch


Where’s is the best place to download it? Also, does this mean I have to constantly check for new updates and re-download it constantly?

Just get the installer from here: https://flybywiresim.com

Always update from the installer, it takes a few seconds and you can do it before the flight, every two days, whenever you want etc.
I always use the last dev version to be up-to-date.
It works perfectly I just did a couple of flights in Vatsim today without any issues.

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Thanks for the link and the help! I’ll give it another try and see how it works.

My biggest issue with it (and the reason why I deleted it) was because my FPS dropped noticeably when running it. Maybe I’ll have better luck this time around…

This link always points to the latest dev build: https://github.com/flybywiresim/a32nx/releases/download/vmaster/A32NX-master.zip

Download the installer here: https://github.com/Externoak/A32NX-installer/releases/latest/download/A32NX_Downloader.zip

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So either link works then? I’m sorry, I feel stupid, but I know there are a lot of different links.

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The first one points to the latest dev version itself.

The second one lets you download the “installer”. There, you can chose which version (Edit: stable or dev branch) you want to install, tells you if the version you installed is outdated and let’s you download the current version. Make sure to select “FBW CDN” from the server dropdown list (top menu bar). Downloads over the default option (FBW Github) will likely be very slow).
Best workflow in my opinion would be to start the installer prior to starting the sim to check for a newer version of the mod.

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Okay, that makes more sense. Thanks!

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Tip- if you see FPS loss, turn off the co-pilot displays.

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So I actually tried this the last time I had the mod installed and it didn’t really help much. I might have gained a couple FPS back. Do you know of any other possible solutions other than lowering graphics settings?

Not at this time.

Nice tip but however I personally don’t experience any difference.

Yeapp… I am using the Custom version of the FBW mod, and I do download and install the mod practically every day. At least, whenever I want to start the sim. I go to the github page and download the custom FBW mod and install it again.

Then the next time I want to fly, I do the same thing again. This is because the Custom and Dev version is updated at least once or up to 3x a day. So I always download this every day so I can get the latest version available.

The Stable version for me is updated too far in between. It’s nice for someone who wants stability, but even so if you are using the stable version. Always check for a new version whenever Asobo updates the sim in a major patch update. Chances are it will break the current stable version and FBW team would need to update the stable version with a hot patch to make it compatible.

This is why I like using the custom version. There’s always something new in there to keep me interested and they’re always up to date with any compatibility.

About the FPS. Maybe you can try installing this Cockpit Texture mod. Since it replaces the FBW mod cockpit texture, maybe it would help your FPS. Plus, you get to choose different colour scheme.