Has the PC version been adapted to the XBOX console? last updates July 2021-That will not do!


the last updates in July 2021 for the PC version are the baddest updates for MSFS 2020.
Is it really serious that the MSFS in the PC version is now geared towards the XBOX console.

Now PC owners have to suffer from the fact that many details in the landscapes are reduced.

If you compare SU4 and SU5 using London or New York as an example, many buildings are missing, the landscape has fewer details, the graphics look significantly worse and are partially blurred.
No more details in higher elevations, clouds look much worse and CTD have increased enormously.
In version 1.17 … the SIM was 90% CTD-free.

What are the benefits of 60 FPS in New York, London etc when your data is no longer available.
Then it would be better to fly there with 30 FPS than to have to do without a lot of details.

Should this be the way to find buyers for the XBOX console, because it cannot do as much as a high-end PC.

For me the current status of the MSFS is not acceptable.
They also forget that we are paying customers.
Isn’t it enough that you are forced to become a beta tester?
As a customer, you’re happy to help, but it’s not our job to spend time evaluating all of the bugs.
I bought these products and I also think that you have the right to write your displeasure here.

The updates have taken MSFS a big step back.

I think I am not alone in my opinion.

Why are the versions for PC and XBOX console not separate?

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I think a dev should chime in and put this myth to rest. The silence really isn’t helping.

Because keeping two seperate codebases would be a nightmare.

I’m presuming (always risky) that the 3D stuff will be improved again while allowing it to run on XBoxen. But it had to run on XBoxes, so I’m not surprised they’ve done this.

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Devs should have better things to do than to discuss on the forums every time someone has a conspiracy theory at hand.


I can’t and won’t argue with that. I actually agree. It’s just sad how many people just take every community-made rumor as fact, without waiting for a response or patch announcement.


If we have learned anything from the current pandemic, then that if people believe hard enough what they write, any proof you present will be twisted in a way to match their argument.

XBox is more capable than the average PC (laptops included) used by many players/simmers here (who all were voting for the Bad Performance bug item #1 by far). That alone is a proof that they don’t need to dumb anything down, they did it for a big amount of PC players alike.
If someone doesn’t believe this argument, they won’t believe a Dev saying it either.


You got a point. Talking to walls won’t help.

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Yet another thread, displaying outrage and anger towards the SU5 update shambles.

Do we really need yet another thread?

Yes, yes we do, the more the merrier and the more chance Asobo sit up and take note of the poor state of the game as it is right now.


Completely agreed with this statement, why would MS/Asobo downgrade FS for Xbox when the sim has been running on PC’s less capable than the Xbox for the last year with more capable PC’s being able to scale upwards in the same time, this conspiracy theory has gotten out of hand and this forum is becoming a cesspit of toxicity because of it.


I am open to people having issues with a patch a game or any software but when they don’t take the time to show exactly what the issues are and how they compare to pre-patch in some evidence based manner i cant even take it seriously, i see posts of screenshots that look gorgeous with a comment “barf terrible” ect… like ■■■ where are the examples showing how things have changed in a way we can all see?
Are there any other possible explanations for your Woe’s? perhaps Cache… i dunno here.
Can someone please just show me what all this fuss is about because from my end which is just me so a small sample, things are fine and a massive improvement.

Here is my Dev mode using ultra 1440p locked at 60 fps

Win 10 latest ver
Ryzen 5800x
RTX 3080
32gb Ram

There are examples, nobody is arguing that some areas got worse for those that ran smooth on ultra before the patch.
One could still argue how bad that change is in comparison to how much the player base in sum benefitted from it, but that’s a matter of taste and individual standing point.

But suggesting that they only did it for XBox for some conspired reason is plain and simply wrong.

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“In your opinion” please. Not facts. Your opinion.

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I think Asobo listens to critism very well, and try to fix the problems people pointing at. It’s just that time is a issue most of the time. And I do believe they care for their sim and customers.

The fundamental things they changed in SU5 is a good thing, the only bad thing is that there should have been more settings options given for pc users to change the useropt.cfg parameters without manualy doing that. And there are ofcourse a few bugs left that can only be fixed by Asobo and i’m sure they do their best to fix those asap. The Xbox has nothing to do with these problems.


Where did I use the word Fact exactly?

Ok wonderful but where are these examples?

In the many threads, just have a look. I won’t cite them all for you.

No reason to deny that there was a degradation coming from ultra settings, it’s a matter of fact.

But given the fact that even people with RTX 3090 complained about bad performance, my guess is that most players welcome a stutter-free experience. I have no numbers to prove that, unfortunately. Just a gut feeling.

Do you use VR? You don’t need to see examples, it’s their for all to see. If you can’t see it then fine, happy flying, but allow those of us with new issues to express ourselves without having to prove out time and time again.

FYI there are plenty of before and after screenshots/videos doing the rounds on these forums since SU5 was released.

Agree 100%. This narrative where people state opinion as facts is getting beyond a joke. I have no problem with people having a view that there has been a downgrade and that may be their experience. But it is not mine and it is probably not everyone’s and therefore you can’t state that as a fact. Likewise I can’t state that it hasn’t got worse as a fact. But that is my opinion, and it is just as valid as everyone elses. Posters on this forum need to stop suppressing others views.

You just took the wind out of your own sails…If a company is ONLY driven by sales, then you need a working, almost perfect product, with as little as possible bugs and issues, so that you can just rake in cash for as long as possible. Flightsimulation is the wrong niche to begin with, if all you want is cash. It’s absolutely obvious what happened here, not going over it again. If you wanna make as much cash as possible, you NEED to care about your customers, else no cash.

Ok the thing is i am not trying to deny anything, why would i its not my software.
Just that what i have seen posted on these forums in other threads is not conclusive and requires massive zoom in to even see anything, or it was done using different times of day, weather aircraft ect…