Has the performance improved? + Runway bugs

I feel like the performance has improved pretty much.I just OCed my R7 2700x,but I only have the stock cooler and I used Ryzen Master Auto Oc so that shouldn’t be the reason.The thing is that in the A32NX I got like 23-27 fps on ground at EDDW,but now its like 30-38.After OCinh the CPU though,but as iI mentioned before,that cant be the reason for so “much” more fps.Btw I use an RTX2070 and 16Gb RAM.

Also there seems to be a bug that cause the aircraft to bump or runways and there is like a little step on the runway that sometimes disappears when coming closer.Any thoughts on that?

Btw just to clarify,these objects on the runway are physical objects that cause the plane to flip over.OC cant be the reason for that as everything else is normal,can it?

Oh fck nwm I just saw that i have changed the settings accidentally lol

But still like 5-7 fps more

Still feels like it got better

Well, you may still see those, there are scenery bugs, and they can be in a lot of places, and they do just what you mentioned.
You should enter a Zendesk request for the particular place you see it, so that ASOBO is aware of it.

Are you using the default or mod version of the A320?

A32NX as mentioned above xD
Btw thanks for the information on the scenery bugs,gonna see what I can do lol

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We definitely need DirectX12 asap lol

It’s coming!!