Has the range circle on the world map stopped working?

Just noticed this today, don’t know how long it’s been missing. Is it just me or has the range circle disappeared on the world map? It was fairly useful for judging routings.

Mess with you fuel in weight and balance and it should show up.

Since SU5 / Xbox release

Never disappeared for me. In fact, I saw it no problem just a minute ago.

But given how screwed up the world map / GPS flight planning is, I wouldnt be surprised if the range circle was donked as well.


You’ve had trouble and which Series console are you on? I’m on X and never dissappeard for me.

I’m on PC.
At present the range circle seems to behave as if you are starting with an empty tank.

Previously it seemed to be 50%

Asobo has set all fuel at 0% instead of the 50% as default

Looks like you’ll have to top up before you even touch the flight planning part. I have frequently had payload and fuel resets without wanting to. You have to really make sure of things with this.

Indeed. I fly a lot using the OnAir companion app to do little cargo and fuel trips. Therefore I am actually in that part of the menu checking weight and fuel load stuff quite a lot anyway.
It does indeed reset every time you open the weight menu. (If you are fast enough you can grab and hold the fuel load and stop the reset) - it’s odd behaviour to be sure.

This is missing for me after SU7. Fiddling with the fuel levels doesn’t bring it up like in the past, it’s totally gone.