Has the VR dev team played Aerofly FS2 or FS4?

The cockpit interaction with VR controllers in Aerofly is pretty much perfect. It should be the minimal standard.

I hope the VR people for MSFS have all tried it and consider it a benchmark.

There is no VR team anymore as they proudly say every stream.


X-Plane also has great VR controller support. I fly and stream in VR using a physical yoke and pedals but VR controllers for everything else. In MSFS the throttle, trim and mixture are to jumpy for me to use so I continue to wait till this can be resolved.

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■■■■ Sparker. I’m just moving over to MSFS from XP. I was hoping the interaction bugs were ironed out by now.

But hey, thanks for all of the great VR apps you made for us back in XP11.