Has the way the CJ4 autopilot works changed in the patch?

I was getting on great - dial in the altitude I wanted, click VS, dial in the VS I wanted and up (or down) I went. Now, as soon as I increase the altitude I’m aiming for, the plane starts to climb - without being in either VS or FLC mode. And it pitches up to something crazy like 7000 ft per minute!

It wasn’t doing this before I am certain. Would welcome any thoughts. Thanks!

Yes. They broke the mechanics of the ALT knob in this patch somehow. I filed a ticket the day the patch came out. You aren’t doing anything wrong.

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Thank you! I really did think I was going crazy! I’ll send a zen desk ticket in as well, the more they get, we might stand a chance… thanks for the reply.

No problem. For reference, they also broke the way that lnav works with respect to ils procedures. Before, if you simply switched the input from fms to loc with lnav turned on, it would immediately capture the localizer. You then would press appr to arm and capture the glideslope. Now, the lnav system is locked to the fms information regardless of what input you have on the pfd until you press the appr button. So if you want to fly an ils approach now, you switch the pfd to loc, nothing will happen, then you press the appr button and it will activate both the localizer and the glideslope.

These, and others, are all documented over in the CJ4 Gripes Thread in the aircraft section for future reference.