Have a little patience, it does go a long way

Every game release has it’s ups and downs. It’s a cycle. Have a little patience, it does go a long way. Microsoft and Asobo are working round the clock to get MSFS 2024 ready for release. There will be bugs in MSFS 2024. No game release is perfect. They need support and understanding from us to keep the engines of development moving forward. I don’t want development of MSFS to stop like before.

No they aren’t.


Understanding and patience is fine but market does not always work like that. There are also obligations, so a good product will get support easily and a bad one may not get it. It´s so simple indeed. We pay to play a game and others get our money to produce that game. Good products produce a good user experience and profit for the creators too. There´s nothing else to understand I would say. Everyone should know what has to be done to come to that result after the 3 years experience with MSFS.


“Round the clock”? How so? Are you saying their shifts are scheduled such that there’s always someone working? :smiley:


There is a lot of internal machinery to run MSFS. Yes, there are people working round the clock to keep everything going for both MSFS 2020 and the up coming release of MSFS 2024. The Community Managers are always checking the forum for issues.

I appreciate what you are trying to say. But you must understand that the doubters will never agree. According to far too many here, it is practically pre-ordained that FS2024 will be a disaster.

I’m (kinda) anticipating it will. UNLESS they solve the server-side problems that have plagued this game - especially the last few months. There’s a lot of good indications that the rendering etc will be a real “upping” of the visual stakes, better optimisations, better CPU/GPU use.

Let’s see!

Personally I don’t think it will be a disaster. Far from it.

We already have a solid (even if not perfect) sim as a base and a now experienced and pretty big team at Asobo (at least compared to the smallish team of Laminar).

Even in the early days when FS20 first launched in August 2020 it was far from a disaster. Maybe it could have been better called a late Alpha or Beta but even back then imo it was a next gen sim which immediately made me drop my previous last gen sim of choice.

I think if they anticipate any major issues they will (rightly) just delay the launch.

Not saying it will be perfect or without a few bugs. There might also be a few server disconnections too. In fact, I suspect there will be.

But a disaster? No, I don’t think so.


If you include “keeping the lights” on in terms of servers etc., sure. Doubt they’re working round the clock developing FS2024 as you implied though :slight_smile:

“round the clock” is usually reserved for emergency situations like disaster relief, war room etc. I’d say they are developing it with the average urgency of average software development.

Between Microsoft being in Washington and Asobo in France, somebody is probably on the clock, so I guess it’s technically true lol.

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Yoda´s patience tested was when waiting for real true to the core AAA-study level planes like the Fenix Airbus or the Black Square props :slight_smile: took several years after release.
But never had any problems or bugs with the platform (the sim) itself.
Maybe one or another inconvenience like a runway under water because of the terrain or small stuff like that.

Perfection is the topic we could discuss about, agree and come to a balance, as some features may be not so relevant nor critical for all users. There´s where we could see room for improvement, accept new features to be added according to roadmaps and so on.

But it´s definitelly not solid at all. Indeed it´s really far from that state. As of today we have a SU13 that has been crashing for several months, daily, several times per day indeed, on both Xbox and PC and no hotfix has been released so far. The first fix is expected by next month with SU14, almost 3 months later. But the issues started indeed much earlier, after the release of Avionics Update in summer. So during a half of 2023 the sim had unstability issues.

How many times have we seen releases with systematic CTDs so far or memory issues on the previous SUs? The first step to have a solid platform is that you can at least run the platform, I would say. That´s the absolute minimum. After 3 years this very first step is not yet acomplished, unstability issues are always flying around and they reappear from time to time. This isn´t something we can easily ignore, no matter how much we may like the overall game concept or aviation simulation, as the impact of a CTD is really relevant (game stops working completely).


They are in Europe, I’m sure they are working the maximum 28 hours per week the EU and France allows while taking the required holidays :wink:


I don’t have high hopes for MSFS 2024 after Gamepass related IP games like Forza Motorsport and Starfield releashed. The trailer of Forza was looking very next-gen and good, but the final product is not even close what was promise. And then we have Todd Howard… So my hope for msfs24 is just low for now. Even after release they still can downgrade the new sim, so no surprises there.

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Well… the team is not only based in the US ( Microsoft) and France ( Asobo)
I guess there are many people involved in India and Australia also.
That combination covers the entier globe.
That covers the 24 hrs/day clock pretty much.

With respect, those games are not developed by Asobo.

Ofcourse, true dat. Its the gaming climate of making the game nowadays. It scares me and not only me

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