Have a VR guest riding shotgun on my flights

In a competitor’s product it is possible to install a 2nd license on a 2nd machine. The latter not running active flight simulation but just rendering the aircraft as flown in 1st machine (via data link). This enables a guest - i.e. a real person like my wife - to grab some VR goggles attached to machine #2, make herself comfortable on the sofa, adjust her virtual position on the copilot’s seat, and enjoy the virtual flight as my real VR guest.

Unfortunately, the competitor’s ambient rendition is rather poor. So it isn’t worth the candle to set it all up.

So, I wish I could install a similar feature, using MSFS, and invite a real guest to accompany me in a virtual flight. Allowing me to brag a little :blush: with my skills :sweat_smile: and to have a nice time. :grin:

Would be nice but can’t see it happening before multimonitor is here and functioning well. A SLI set up maybe?

OP’s request is about using a second PC. This would be similar to requests for a shared cockpit feature, but the main difference - as I understand it - is to be able to install a “guest version” on the other computer so you don’t need two full licenses.

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Yes it’s possible and I use it sometimes to let people experience VR in a nice way. I do fly pancake on the second PC, but that shouldn’t make a difference.

If you have 2 PCs, 2 installations and 2 licenses already, all you need is the YourControls mod installed on both PCs.

Ah, if that’s a prerequisite, it isn’t currently possible, I’m afraid.

In my experience bragging with flying skills IRL usually ends in a crash.

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In a competitor’s product it is possible to…

I’d vote for that :+1:

I think this is an excellent idea but I want to take it a step further. Make it so that anyone with a computer (doesn’t need to be a VR in my opinion) can board your flight. You can set the terms off course (open, closed by password, how many etc.) and someone can join you.

You just host a flight and people can jump in. Think of this. You’re flying an airliner with 300 “real” people in the cabin. That would be awesome. I will post this in a separate post too.

However, I could imagine that you will need some sort of licence for it. If you want to have a hop along with only mode they must make a completely new version of the client. And without the income that’s not gonna happen.

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If you bought it on Microsoft Store you already can have it installed on another computer and on the X-Box without buying it again.

Because it was on sale, I bought a second Steam copy of msfs2020 (now have two steam licenses). I’ve been experimenting with the freebie YourControls to share a cockpit with others in my household on a second PC. So far it has worked okay, but has some limitations.

An annoying thing with msfs2020 is that the xbox live account associates itself with the local windows login account being used when the sim is first run. From what I’ve experienced and read, it can’t be changed to a different xbox account without opening a zendesk ticket and requesting a change. It doesn’t appear to have anything to do with linking it to a particular steam account etc. This was a problem for me because I ran the first licensed version on both PC’s prior to buying the second license.

The solution is to create a new windows local account and copy the sim install folder over to this new account. MSFS then accepts a different xbox live account when one first runs the sim (and again binds itself to this local windows account).

Actually not. You cannot launch the two installations at the same time. It says “Playing already …” :slight_smile:

Well then my world is bugged because it works in my house. But maybe you use the same account logged into both computers? Because you as a user cannot play at the same time. But my son has his own Microsoft account and he and I can play both at the same time.