Have to reset the 3rd monitor every time?

Hey Guys,

I’m presently working through the little issues of running 3 monitors using Multi View. (It actually works really well, except this small issue) I am able to get a nice 30FPS running 4K on all 3 which is great, but for some reason I keep having to reset the 3rd monitor when I go from the main menu to flying.

Here’s the scenario:

I launch the Sim.

When it is fully loaded and I am at the main menu, It will show up on all 3 monitors as it is supposed to.

I choose where I am going, aircraft, etc… I press Fly

When I am in the cockpit, one of the side monitors goes back to desktop.

So I go into the settings and experimental and it shows all windows active (Of course it shows 4 because of the weird doubling issue)

I then choose the monitor that disappeared and make it windowed and voila it appears, (I then put it back to full screen)

I take my flight and when I go back to the main menu…the same thing happens again… same side

Things I have tried:

  1. I moved the cable to another port on the video card (I thought maybe a bad port)
    I switched the middle monitor port (Main screen) with the side that was acting up. The issue then moved to the other side which was a port I didn’t even move to or change

  2. Latest Nvidia Drivers

  3. Latest Win 10 Updates

Specs on PC

i9 10850K (OC’d)
64GB DDR3600 OC’d to 4200 (I believe)
Asus ROG Strix Z-490E MB
RTX 3090 FE

Any thoughts guys?