Have you a trick to accelerate the launching of the game when you have a lot of files in the community folder

Hi there,

I have something like 80 GO in the community folder (a lot of French and European cities) not correctly done in the traditional game.

The thing is that at every launch of the game, it takes like 30 real minutes to lauch the game.

If nothing is in the community, it starts directly.

Do you have an idea on how to compile them ?

It is really funny because I have a higher number of data in the official paying addons and I have no problem to launch.

It is as if everytime I relaunch the game, MFS re discovers everything… contrary to the official folder…

You might want to consider using a Community Folder manager, that would allow you to only have in the Community folder, the files you actually need to a given session.

ie I you are flying in the USA, why have all that non-Usa scenery loading ?

I picture you setting out out on a Journey in MSFS, with EVERYTHING, including the “Kitchen Sink” … really – do you need it all, all of the time ?

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Ah ah yes I figure out.

I understand what you mean but to be honnest I was more thinking about a theory that my father thought could be real.

He thinks that everytime, it has to go to the (let’s say 30 folders) and actually if all the addons were in one, but like all the scenery in the scenery / all the other items in the other items.

Does anyone think it could work ?

So it would have to open only maybe one file with everything and not go through every let say 30 folders ?

Do you have a lot of Google photogrammetry?
Due to the many textures those cities have, MSFS is starting a lot slower.

Yes definitely a lot of French cities, Dublin, Amsterdam and all…

I’m not sure they come from Google, but I’m sure at 95%.

You could try to disable them and see if the simulator’s startup goes faster.

Low quality, unoptimized Google rip scenery packs are terrible. They slow down load times due to the ridiculous number of files they contain and slow sim performance significantly once running.

I refuse to put said trash in my computer.

use an addon manager, thats bound to help somewhat, but such an amount of addons is]
going to cause issues sooner or later.

I used MSFS Addons Linker and I don’t use Google Maps rips.

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