Have you seen rainbows yet? Check it out!

So have you seen rainbows yet? I didn’t even know they were in the game, until I came across them on my way in to Aruba (TNCA) in the 152. Came into a very typical light island sprinkle using live weather, and there they were - yes, more than one!

Video coming soon on my trip report:

Venezuela to St. Maarten in the C152


Yea they are a nice touch


Yeah, and the pictures don’t do them justice. Where is that?

Aspen, in the middle of a snow storm.

Only a small one in the background but still looking great

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Yeah, unrealistic though, a rainbow when viewed from the air (depending on the viewing angle and angle of the sun) are circles…

Edit: A couple of photos from inside a rain shower do look realistic though. I need to check it out again! Even being darker between the two rainbows and light inside the inner rainbow, pretty good!

got one today


Yes I have seen rainbows before. I’m pretty sure …

Been seeming rainbows since September. Very nice!

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Rainbow at Frankfurt Airport

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As you say, depending on the angle. They are VERY rarely circles if you’re not flying mid-day over a cloud.
Nothing unrealistic here in the screenshots.


You showed her!..:rofl::rofl:

That’s exactly the rare situation I mentioned. You need to have sunlight behind you while being basically in the rain.

The other screenshots show rain in the distance and it’s totally correct that they are not “circular” (meaning closed circle).

How mature…!

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That’s me! :wink: :yum:

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After taking off from Miami

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Shhh!..she’s right behind me🤫

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I’ve seen a couple the other day in Hawaii. Absolutely gorgeous

Got this one in some heavy weather over northern Laos last month.