Having issue finding/activating quick toolbar?

Any assistance finding this would be very helpful.

Press TAB when in VR mode.

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Thank you very much. It appears TAB wasn’t selected for normal toolbar mode so it didn’t allow VR Toolbar to work. Now I currently fighting with other Toolbar issue :smile:

I still can’t get to the toolbar. Tab wasn’t bind to anything in my setup. What’s the exact name of the toolbar so I can bind it to. I found a toolbar and bound it to tab but I always get the Fuel and weight. Nothing else…
Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Edit: So I found the Next Toolbar and previous Toolbar that lets me open all the Menu’s.
Since the Toolbar itself doesn’t seem to be there anymore. You can only open individual Menu windows instead. Works for me…

Also cant open the Toolbar no matter how I bind the key. Using a Reverb G2 here.

EDIT : OK turns out it was the mod to hide the toolbar from appearing at the top that was causing the issue for me so if you have that delete it from the Community folder.


You may find that no key is assigned to it.
Go into Options then search VR and if they are all blank assign some keys.
When the toolbar does come up in VR I found it impossible to mouse click on it as it is so small and the mouse just stutters around the screen.

Hi. Just saw your post about toolbar issue. I binded TAB key to toolbar in VR and same as you, always goes to Fuel and weight tab. Can only close that by pressing TAB again and then X out of it. But every time i press tab, it opens fuel and weight in toolbar with no other options. Did you solve that problem… Would love to access weather, atc, etc.
I’m using Valve Index. Steam 1.16.2 nvidia 457.30
With rtx 3080

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It does work now. For some reason it apeard nwo with the binding I had. I use the rift s or the HP reverb g2 that just arrived. RTX 3070.
Thanks for coming back to me.

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