Having issues downloading the game still after update

Please fix this issue …


Same problem here.

Yep, gets stuck in a loop during download. Uses up a lot of my capped Internet bandwidth with failed download, no install. I do have it running on one PC but unable to get a successful download on another system. I am perplexed that they released a product with basic installation issues - bewildered as to why they chose to do this.

Game kept crashing. I had to reinstall 3 times. Last time it’s downloading at 1.5 MBS, and I have a 250 MBS connection. Speed test is at 200 MBPS. Tried to troubleshoot following MS instructions (CMD command, restart…etc) to no avail. Please fix it! I can’t install this after 3 days of trying.

I have a unlimited download rate and a fiber connection. I have also went through mutiple fixes to try and remedy this. Some being the Steam version of downloading issues, and the Microsoft Flight Simulator download support page with the CMD prompt fix, niether have helped. I also added the game to exceptions to multiple firewall settings am pretty out of ideas the only think i can think of is port forwarding but i have no idea where to go from there im not sure which ports it uses as well as type of port forwarding.

I am having similar issues. I purchased the Deluxe addition hoping to fly around a little bit as compensation for being COVID-grounded. So now I am stuck with downloading packages. I have lost count of the uninstall/reinstall sequences on Steam I have been through. Previously that worked well but now that I am waiting for the fs-base-cgl-0.1.21.fspackage.026 package to download the downloading has gotten tough on me. No final delivery of the package and the uninstall/reinstall sequence ain’t working either. With or without firewall and with or without AV software makes no difference. I am trying some other trickery but I have given up hope. This should not happen particularly not after I have built a new state of the art PC with most recent components of a sort that should have no issues with running the game. Other games are working well that are distributed through Steam.