Having to wait for the sim to catch up to my sightseeing needs

I’ve taken a Friends & Family tour that took me from Colorado to Anguilla to Toronto to Japan (youtube playlist here).

My overflight of Mt. Fuji was great fun.

So I started a list of other cool places to visit in a “world sightseeing tour” that would pick up where my F&F tour left off in Japan.

But there are so, so many underrepresented or unrepresented places/things in the world…

It’s clear that the bizmodel is not only to sell addon aircraft later on, but also scenery.

Odaiba Statue of Liberty Replica in Tokyo was absent, and the nearby Rainbow Bridge looks like a simple elevated highway. Bridges at NYC have structure all the way down to the water. Golden Gate Bridge is transparent underneath, but you can’t fly under it - crash! Someone had suggested I visit the Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world, but now… “why bother?”

While in Japan visiting a friend I swung by the Jagosaki Coast, a simple rocky, craggy coastal area with some steep walls, but it was just flat textures (right out of Bing maps) at sea level. :frowning:

In hindsight it was insane to expect something like the karst pillars of Zhangjiajie Natl Forest (where parts of Avatar were filmed, the parts with the “floating mountains”) to be represented, but still, it is disappointing to see just how low res is the terrain elevation model outside of airports (sometimes meters outside of an airport). Palm trees in Santa Monica are represented as terrain stalks – one might expect the karst pillars of Zhangjiajie to also at least be represented as terrain stalks. Instead, they’re flat, unforested patches.

The Gardens by the Bay in Singapore are also just flat textures right out of Bing satmap, although strangely a nearby Ferris Wheel was rendered in great detail (unlike the famous Ferris Wheel in Santa Monica’s Pacific Park).

There were many other places I wanted to see. Taroko Gorge in Taiwan, Paektu Mtn/crater lake, Great Wall of China, Badain Jaran (tallest sand dunes in the world), Patagonia, Angel Falls, Macchu Pichu, but now I have this overwhelming “why bother?” sense about all of it.

I don’t regret buying the sim, and I look forward to having some adventures, but right now my desire to try any sightseeing is GONE. All the standard Euro-centric places like London or Rome and their famous structures hold less interest for me than the many other interesting places across the world. Is Teufelsberg even represented? Hashima? Arecibo radio telescope? Trolltunga? Malta’s various wonders? Keck observatory? The Great Barrier Reef? At this point I have no interest in finding out that they aren’t … it’ll just be depressing.

The team needs to post an announcement on the game’s front page detailing their planned approach to addition of global elevation details and addition of many more of the wonderful places across the globe that would inspire sightseeing in the sim, even if that plan is, indeed, a nickel-and-diming pay-for-DLC plan.


I absolutely agree with you. I am also waiting for this other beautiful nature places. And i am waiting for helicopters to explore the world with it.
But yes, it would be nice to see places like Zhangjiajie in its true beauty. Hope they will improve the data.
The most of people like to see cities. Like you mentioned, London, Paris etc.
Buildings, buildings and bla bla. :joy::joy: I would prefer more natural places. Yes cities are nice but the world has a bit more to offer as man made objects. :v:t3:


Not really. On top of the hill are some computer-generated autogen structures in form of some blocks with generic textures.
Or look at the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris - just a small hill, covered with an arial photo. Or Wenzels Dom in Prague - the same. Or Malbork castle (Marienburg) in Poland, biggest brick castle in the world - just generic blocks. Or Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam - correct shaped computer-generated building, but only modern civil building texture.

Well, there is still some room for improvement :slight_smile:
But I believe the community is already busy.

Nevertheless, in general I am very impressed by the quality of generated buildings in ordinary landscapes!

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