Hawaiian Islands as a world update

Cool 3rd party airports are being released for Hawaii but the islands look pretty terrible in MSFS right now. Would love to see a dedicated update!!! Same for the Caribbean!!

Thanks for photos
In my default database NVVV was not there at all. No ATC. Just VOR and NDB. I have not installed world updates I, II, or III yet.

It’s not there, I landed at the spot indicated on google maps, then stopped at the one spot where a bit of runway shows. This is the source data (Bing maps)

Everywhere with a lot of clouds (mostly tropics) has these issues. Hence smoking volcanoes all look bad. We need cameras that can take pictures through clouds!

The Northern Sky Studio Kalaupapa is amazing. I just bought it for €15. No regrets to deforest this airport.

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Looks fantastic!

Wow. Looks like they forgot Hawaii is part of the US when they did their US update.

No we got the telescopes on Mauna Kea and Punchbowl Crater. It’s not even adequate though. Many landmarks are missing such as the kokohead VOR, makapu’u lighthouse, the pink Tripler hospital (which is a VFR reference point inbound to PHNL 22L/R

Agree, should have received a bit more attention. I really think the Hawaiian Islands would be an absolutely great attraction for MSFS. The opportunity exists to make something really spectacular and breathtakingly beautiful that’s above and beyond anything to date. And what a great place for helicopters! A technology showpiece.

Maybe they wanted to avoid getting Microsoft Flight flashbacks, which is understandable.

What better way to make up for it…

Can we please give these beautiful islands some love for all of their Grandeur.!

Yes so beautiful. Some pics I took during a helicopter flight at Kaui:


Kaui is actually not that bad in FS2020

Along the Awa’awapuhi Trail

Nā Pali Coast State Wilderness Park

Hono’Onapali Natural Reserve Area with Crawler’s Ledge down at the coast

Compared to what I saw at the Alps in Europe, this looks great. Mauna Kea is pretty ugly as well in game. Most volcanoes are pretty bad.

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Gets my vote, but water masks are essential.

Lanai has a new dlc now.

Real life vs MSFS Hawaii

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Agree, there are parts of Hawaii that look decent… would love to see MS/Asobo really go to town on this scenery. Its beautiful, but it can be absolutely spectacular.

Asobo – any ideas why the water is a gross brown near Honolulu?? This is one of the prettiest coasts there is, but not in the sim. Water goes from pacific blue to a gross brown.

throwing my hat in with this one! there are so many clouds over the scenery its very off. I have free hawaii ortho scenery for XPlane and there are no clouds, so the source material does exist out there

20,000,000 votes for me too!!! Hawaii islands are some of the most gorgeous islands to fly around/over and they just look awful in the sim… especially the brown water.