Is there a better video/sound cable then the HDMI. I was told by one computer store that the DP is better for quality. I think he said DP. I’ve googled it but didn’t get very far with figuring it out. I see on Amazon that you can have DP on one end and the other end HDMI. Do I need DP on both ends. My new machine and monitor has either one. The reason I’m asking is my new machine has only one HDMI port and 3 DP ports so I’m thinking this is probably a better one.

Hi. From what I know DP doesn’t support sound. It’s only for display mode.

Well this computer shop said guys playing games like these DP cable setups. Not sure why if no sound. Sound would be through your sound card though wouldn’t it.

Lets put this to bed once and for all.
DP IS better than HDMI. Fact!
Only use HDMI if you no option.

DP also carries audio! Although you will usually have to ‘tell’ your monitor.

When you buy a DP cable, make sure it is at least to the 1.4 standard. These can be bought at very reasonable prices from Amazon, to name but one supplier.

These are the facts!


at the moment is DisplayPort for Gameing THE choice.

Most monitors support G-Sysn only in this way and then is of course the point of resolution and FPS.

In next years comes HDMI 2.1 on the market and then it will be relativate a bit.

On other side:
if you have only Full-HD with max 120 fsp , or 4K with max 60 fps and no G-Sync, there is not realy a difference.


Agreed. Not sure why this is even debatable. DP is better at carrying the 4k/HDR signal than most HDMI (altho HDMI is being upgraded too) but DP is where you should be.


Can I add one more question. With the DP do I need both ends to be the DP . The monitor and machine I have are capable for DP. I see DP to HDMI cords. Is this a wrong way to go.

If you have DP at both ends, just get a DP cable.

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Is that the best way to go then. Right now graphics look good but maybe can be better with the DP???
Should add in here I’m using 2 monitors. One older one I have and a new 32 in curved. The older one doesn’t have a DP port. Will I be able to run the new monitor with DP cables and the other with a HDMI

For the older monitor, you can use the dp to hdmi cable you mentioned; that way, your video card’s hdmi port will still be open if needed for something else. For the dp-to-dp cable for the 32" monitor, get the shortest cable you can; dp can degrade if too long of a lenght unless the cable spec specifically says 'supports xx length." I’m not sure but the 1.4 standard pointed out erlier in the thread may provide this; but I agree the 1.4 standard is the way to go in any case. Audio is part of this equation only iff your using speakers built in to the montor; not relevant if you’re using speakers connected to your pc. Good luck.

Awesome. Makes a little more sense. Really appreciate your help on this. A, I can get away with a 4 ft cord which should be fine. And yes I have a separate sound system with internal desktop sound card.
Will the DP cable make that much difference in the sim as far as quality

dp is better than current hdmi standards, all around, including text readability. No one has chimed in otherwise on this thread as of yet. Whether or not you can see the difference or not depends on the individual. I’m totally waiting for someone to use the ole’ “it’s just ones and zeroes; how can it possibly make a difference?” Fortunately, we’ve been spared that up to now!:slight_smile:

This depends on what monitor you have and what version of HDMI and DisplayPort your monitor supports.

If your monitor is only capable of displaying 1080p @ 60hz, there’s basically zero difference between HDMI and DP.

The differences start to come into play when you get into the higher resolutions, higher refresh rates, gsync, freesync, etc.

There is zero difference between the cables as long as they support the resolution / refresh rate you’re aiming for. Image quality will be identical because it’s digital. It either works or not. If you’re getting an image without artifacts (like flickering, blocks of image turning on and off etc.) you’re good.
Another factor might be DRM support for services like 4k Netflix. Not all versions of cables support it. Both DP and HMDI have multiple generations.

And by the way DP supports sound. Not sure why someone claims otherwise.

In general if you have DP on both ends just use a DP 1.2 cable. It supports everything. But best look at your monktor spec to see what the minimum version is.

Sorry, but that’s just BS. You probably just need to calibrate your ClearText settings, might be different on both inputs.
Or your HDMI connection doesn’t support your native resolution (old cable or monitor limitation) , but that would be so obvious I doubt that’s the issue.

I agree that in general DP is the safer choice. Also nicer morally because it’s not licensed. But there is nothing better in latest gen DP vs latest gen HDMI.

Well said.

Clear and to the point :slightly_smiling_face:

You are wrong.

DP is better than HDMI.

Also DP 1.4 is definitely better than DP 1.2.

DP 1.2 is limited at 4K to 75hz.
DP 1.4 at 4K supports 120hz

Whether you actually need DP 1.4 will depend on whether your monitor supports better than 75hz at 4K .

Re: Sound over DP
From: FAQ - DisplayPort (www.displayport.org)

Does DisplayPort also support audio?

Yes, DisplayPort supports multi-channel audio and many advanced audio features. DisplayPort to HDMI adapters also include the ability to support HDMI audio.

HDMI 2.1 vs DisplayPort 2.0: What’s the best next-gen video interface for gamers? | PC Gamer