HDR Issue on update 5

Hello guys.

Im having a real issue right now with the latest patch (5) my HDR settings look awful, i didnt change any graphics settings, just installed the automatic update and it looks like this.

i dont know if some else is experimenting this kind of issues, thanks.

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that looks horrible

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I got same once but i boot the game and worked nicely after that.

Seeing the same issue.
Not sure it is HDR, I had HDR turned on in MSFS but off in Windows and TV.
I have turned HDR off in MSFS, in Windows graphics settings and on the HDMI input of my TV and I still see it.

DLAA causes this, switch to TAA.

Change Your Anti_Aliasing to TAA. I had the same problem.

Thanks, that was the issue, is there any time line on the fix for this? Low performance PC here;-) I’ve been using FXAA up to now.

I have the same issue but couldn’t tell if it’s HDR until you mentioned above. This happened after Update 5 even under Extra settings, and wouldn’t disappear after I updated my Nvidia driver, tried different settings, boot PC, reset data connection, deleted cache, etc.

The clouds looked extremely bad when anything was refreshing. It would first show some net structure and make part of cloud look like a kitchen cloth with woven threads. Once I hit pause it immediately transformed into normal cloud image though.

This issue must have also happened with other object displays, because now every scenery just look coarser and flasher, very like when you have a lower resolution monitor. Of course my monitor is just fine with it’s 1920*1080 resolution as usual in any other apps.

This issue is very annoying and almost destroyed my MSFS enjoyment. I use GTX 1650 card, not ideal but hey, it had been working fine (normally 30fps under HIGH settings) until Update 5!

I’ve been using TAA, so it’s NOT a TAA issue. I did notice that now if I changed to FLAA or other settings, all clouds became an absolute white patch of mess. Anti-aliasing OFF was better, FLAA was unusable, but TAA now is much much worse than before Update 5. What happened? Must have something to do with Adobo’s “TAA improvement” change.

OK, I’m confused about what you are seeing then, the images above are exactly what I see with FXAA or DLAA, with TAA problem disappears