HDR Peak Brightness Control

I’m just bumping this back up, it’s been 3 years now and still no HDR slider or improvement.

I’d also go on to say the weird effect (exposure compensation?) when switching focus from inside the cockpit to outside makes this issue worse, since when you glance at the main instruments, the sky and clouds ahead get completely washed out. When you look back up again it resets to the expected value.

This effect should be removed in my opinion, and a proper HDR slider needs to be added. Can we make sure this gets to a Q&A session at some point?


I’m playing on PC and I have an HDR-capable monitor (AW3423DW), but there is no option in the game for me to adjust the HDR brightness. HDR looks great, but the clouds illuminated by the sun are always overexposed and I can’t see anything clearly. When flying at night, I also hope to be able to adjust the minimum brightness value, otherwise I can’t see anything.Can you add adjustment options for HDR full screen brightness, minimum and maximum brightness?

If you have a Nvidia graphics card,why not using Nvidia freestyle?


Hi, did you ever get any solution for the vrr flicker issue. I’ve recently got a lovely OLED panel AW3225QF, but I’m on a blink on returning it as the panel seems do horrible level of vrr flicker when at 240hz Gsync on. But when I turn off the vrr, the flickering goes. At 240hz I don’t notive any tearing but lose the Gsync smoothness.