Headache trying to fly need tips

I have been trying to enjoy this FS since it was released and it’s just been unpleasant. Besides the inherent limitations and aircraft problems we all know about, I’m also very frustrated with the view when I fly. I’m extremely comfortable flying in X-Plane, the old FSX, DCS and even the defunct Flight Sim World. But for some reason I can’t find a way to set up the views in the cockpit that work for me in FS. I actually get a headache when I fly FS. Not sure if it’s the way the camera renders the scene or some other optical effect going on. The perspective seems very different when seated in FS compared with the others. I’ve tried to adjust the setting but can’t get it to where I’m comfortable. Anyone else have this issue and figure out how to remedy it?

Thank you for any hints.

You can adjust the camera position in the cockpit using the arrow keys - move it up or down, left or right and see if you can find something that works.

I haven’t had any issues switching between P3D, XP and MSFS, but this is of course personal preference.

I think it might be worth trying TrackIR or similar head tracking devices. It’s a very natural way to view the sim and isn’t as extreme as VR, yet greatly increases the immersion. TrackIR (and similar devices) allows you to easily find a view that works for the moment and lock it in so you can move your head around freely while retaining the particular view point. It’s nice to be able to naturally look around without thinking about it or actively moving your viewpoint. Just my thoughts.


I think I tried it a while ago but it’s a great idea! I only use it in DCS where it’s seems really necessary, where I don’t use it in X-Plane regularly. I will definetly give it a try again and see if it helps.

I thought I tried the arrow keys and they didn’t work for that. Hmmm… I’ll look into that, Thanks for the tip. I really think it also has to do with the perspective from whatever optics they are simulating. In other words, there is a huge difference if it’s computing a very wide angle view up close and a very narrow angle view from a few feet back. Is there anyway to adjust that in the sim? When I’m sitting in a position I feel has a natural view, the G1000 details are too small to read. When I move close enough to read them, then my field of view it so small it’s unpleasant and unrealistic. In X-Plane and the others I don’t have that issue. I can’t put my finger on exactly how to adjust the view settings to match. I’m surprised no one else has this problem.

I use Mouse Freelook (middle mouse (wheel) press to turn on, right mouse button to turn off). It’s a bit of a pain because you have to click out of it to interact with the cockpit with the mouse. But, if you set up your controllers to minimize that, it works for me. The other disadvantage is it breaks OBS. I haven’t tried the GeForce Experience video recording yet, though.

You may be able to review this, as a way to view some instrument and then return quickly to a normal view.

There are 6 degrees of freedom in views, forward, back, left right, up, down These are done using the arrow keys and the ALT plus Arrow keys up down respectively to the above.

Zoom factoir is the mouse wheel. Zoom is different from ALT arrow. The plus minus keys zoom quickly in and out.

Special view commands key F and Space bar, and ctrl Space bar.

You can also look at the camera menu - this in sim menu thta has the icon that looks like a small movie camera. There are settings there you can write down.

The problem with this is that you cannot save it.

However you could modify the camera.cfg files for the pilot eye-position and Initialxyz, but this requires a deeper knowledge of the sim that you may not want to do. (make backups first)

See if any of this helps you.


Lots of good tips - thanks!

Paracetamol is best against headaches when having more light headaches, stronger painkillers are necessary in cases of migraine or other problems.

LOL yes, but I hate to have to take a drug to fly FS. It’s more of a mild nauseous headache which Tylenol doesn’t help with. I just don’t get it with any of the other sims… puzzling right? The frame rates seem fine - 30-60, same as the others. I’ll keep working on the visuals as there is quite a bit to adjust.

You can move your sitting position back and forward it the cockpit, combined that with the Mouse wheel and arrow keys you can place yourself anywhere you want.

The Perspective or field of view can be annoying. This can be altered to what you want using the ZOOM LEVEL in the " Camera " section of the drop-down menu. In Cockpit, External, and Showcase.

Once you find a view you like, … CTRL + ALT and any number to save it. Then if you get out of sorts in the cockpit just press ALT and that number and you are back in your favourite view.

Thank you, that should help! I knew there were adjustments I played with at one time but couldn’t remember what they were.

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