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Hi Asobo, so it appears that with the Honeycomb Yoke, when turning the Heading Bug, it jumps in increments of 10 degrees. I plugged in a Logitech Extreme 3D pro to see what would happen. I found that the Heading Bug went back to normal, moving in increments of 1 degree. If however you go to Active Pause or hit the Escape and then Resume it will go back to the 10 degree segments. Upon removing the Honeycomb Yoke and testing the Heading Bug with just the Joystick, heading indicator behaved normal. When reinserting the Yoke, it went back to 10 degree again. I believe you are aware of this issue but thought this bit of info may help.

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The same thing happens to me with the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS.

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The joystick, or the throttle? I’ve seen a few Warthog owners report this, but they never said which controller caused it. Perhaps both?

=> Large heading bug increments when using Honeycomb yoke

( you also find lot more about , also with searching about Honeycomb :wink: )

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It’s nid about the honeycomb, happens with all hardware controls with ON/OFF switches.

Try this: put all switches on your hardware control to OFF and flip the switches in the cockpit with your mouse and you will get increment steps of 1.

(some people report to have the hardware switches unbinded… but for me it’s enough to just put them in the off position).

Sadly no other workaround.


correct… therefore is my thrustmaser mention in the honeycomb thread, and in other threads this issue is lots of time mentioned… just using Search-Function…

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I’m sure I read that getting an external tool like SPAD to configure your controls was a workaround.

I implemented this fix for the honeycomb yoke switch mapping. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kIJlzjDzELPxd2LpRxzlTmZsuqmXHB4F

I believe others have had success using fsuipc7 for any on off switch mapping.

Yep, I have my own button-box (arduino) which works with mobiflight via fsuipc. There I don’t use the heading-increment event (that’s the problem), instead I calculate and set the specific degree value. Works perfectly.

But I would not say it’s a easy workaroud for most of the people…

Thx for your fix, will take a look

Just to clarify the workaround originally came from poerg in the above linked discussion thread.

How are you controlling the heading bug? I have a Honeycomb and fly the steam gauge 172. I use the mouse to control the heading bug. If you single click, it will move in 10 degree increments, but if you hold the mouse button down, it will scroll slowly by 1 degree increments. I haven’t found a way to single click in 1 degree increments though. If you are using the buttons on the yoke, will holding them down produce the same slow scroll that the mouse does?

This has been brought up on the forums many times. Both the Honeycomb yoke, and Warthog, causnthe 10 degree/1000 feet bugnif any of the switches on the yoke are bound to something. Remove all the bindings, including the starter, I think, and you’ll “fix” the bug.