Heading bug and yokes/throttles

Do Asobo and Microsoft plan to address the issue impacting heading (10 degrees vs 1), etc that make switches, knobs etc inoperable on Yokes and throttles?

If so when?

Yes please! The rate of ‘acceleration’ from a button moving single units to 10’s is most irritating.

Vaguely related: zoom in/out keys are also near-impossible to use on my yoke as the response is so fast.


Yeah, my combination of Spad.Next and VJoy is working but it is a pain having two addons with complex setup just to fix a bug where the sim doesn’t actually support non-momentary switches!

Especially when the devices are from partners where just about all of us expect that means “works without flaws”. VORs having a resolution of 10 degrees is a flaw!

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Good question. I had to remove all the keybindings from the Honeycomb Alpha yoke to work around this bug

Voted and linking this thread for all the details.

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Linking this YouTube as well.


It is currently a sick joke that Asobo and Honeycomb are in a partnership, yet all the while Honeycomb products do not work properly in this sim. It’s not just annoying, it’s a game breaker for people who lack the knowledge to enable a difficult workaround.


Please … start looking into this… It’s such a downer if you have paid to have a nice setup (Alpha & Bravo), and then have these issues.


yup it’s annoying big time!

Here’s my solution that works a treat

Just experienced this… Need to get this sorted

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for the love of god, fix this

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Please…please fix this. I beg of you.

@WilsonHeath Might I suggest that you consider editing your original post in case this topic makes the list for the Dev Q&A? You stated that the 10 degree bug makes switches inoperable on yokes and throttles.

The bug doesn’t actually render constant state switches inoperable but the usage of those switches generates the 10 degree heading adjustment bug and other documented issues. Some people have un-mapped these switches to prevent the bug from occurring but that is a workaround choice they have made.

I agree. As explained in other threads, there is a bug with controls speeding up and getting stuck, but many things will trigger it. In all cases the yoke and throttle switches continue to operate as Honeycomb designed them. The current question combines two different topics and should be separated if you hope to get it through the vetting process.

UPDATE: This bug is still undergoing final testing and will not make it into Sim Update 3. It is now scheduled for World Update 4 (late March).

Marital: Fixed and will be out with Sim Update 3*

*I confirmed afterwards which update he was referring to.