Heading Bug Broken - CJ4 WT

No idea if it is connected but there was a small update this week, it may have been in the last three week as i have been grounded for a while :wink:

Today i managed to take my CJ4 up for a few trips but find the heading bug is broken - i use a knobster for my dials and its working perfectly for all other instruments - it was previously woking 100% for HDG as well.

Now when i adjust HDG the PFD display just moves erratically a few degrees then snaps back to current heading. Either direction is the same, coarse or fine click knobs.

Any ideas - i use this a lot :slight_smile:

Do you use any external apps like spad.next to control the sim? I had to change the headings events with the AAU1 beta.

I use Mobiflight and several of the unique Working Title variables that were part of their mod have been replaced with standard variables used by stock Asobo planes.

This makes sense since Asobo has absorbed WT’s work into the base sim now.

I had to do some trial and error to figure out which variables were the correct ones.

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I use Airmanager - I have no idea how to debug this connection :slight_smile:

I assume there is a profile that you download for various planes? I’m guessing there is an Air manager community somewhere and a user has already done the updates. Now you just need to find that person!

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As per help from the AM forum, a reboot fixed the issue, but only it seems for two flights as the erratic behaviour returned mid third flight.