Headset goes black, then black screen after loading

HP Reverb G1.
It doesn’t have any problem on the other games.

In FS2020, VR mode gets activated no problem.

After loading the game(Challenge), the headset goes black and desktop screen shows freezed FS2020, after a while game crashes to desktop, saying headset is in sleep mode.
If I let it be, headset comes back normal after minutes.

When I’m lucky, loading is done but it happens after a while flying. ( few minutes to 30 minutes)

9600k, 2080ti, 16GB ram, HP Reverb G1

Since the VR update. ( I installed it by then )
Problem persists on latest.
Steam version.

Thank you.

Split the issue: when disconnecting VR… does the sim starts in a correct way or not on a display?

Hey, you mean when problem happens? I didn’t try hot plug-off…

If you meant if it was okay on desktop play, yes. it’s normal without VR. Even when headset is connected.