Headset or no Headset?

Hello to everyone this is my first post, I’m also very new to this world of MSFS and I’m enjoying every minute.
I’m asking a very basic question that you will all think I’m dumb for asking.
Do I need to use a headphone/microphone headset? I ask because so far I haven’t needed to (training flights in the Cessna), with the large airliners you obviously need to talk to control tower etc so I would think it’s a necessity.
Thank you

You do not need a Microphone to use “JUST” MSFS, as it comes from MS, and you are not trying to fly in non-MS Multiplayer .

You will need a Microphone if you want to

  • Fly on most of the optional Multiplayer servers, like Vatsim or Pilot Edge.
  • To use Voice on Discord (with your PC)
  • Use applications like Zoom. (with your PC)
  • Want to Stream, or make most Video content for Twitch or Youtube.

If you do get a headset with a Microphone, it does not need to be an expensive item, but some of the really inexpensive ones "can " become a little uncomfortable to wear for extended times.

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As mentioned above you dont need a “full” headset for “single player” MSFS.
However i would recommend it (maybe only headphones without mic) for a better sound experience in the sim.


On that matter, I have some trouble separating engine/env noise from chat…can anyone advise how to set up the headset to receive/send radio but have the speakers sensing exterior noise?

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Thank you to all for sensible helpful responses to my question, makes a change from sarcastic comments on other forums I could mention ( I’m sure I will get some after posting this reply😂)

Maybe something like


Check your PC/Laptop, and make sure you get a headset with the correct plugs, either two plugs, or a combined one.

PC tend to have 2 sockets, laptops often only have one that servers BOTH the headset & the Mic.

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I was in a good mood today, but next time I will try to meet your expectations :crazy_face:

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