Hear other aircraft from inside cockpit?


I’m flying the awesome Justflight Piper with a friend in multiplayer. I don’t hear his airplane when I’m inside the cockpit, but I can hear his plane when in external view. This also happened with the caradeno Mooney. I’m not aware if the default planes also have this behaviour.

It would be so cool to hear the other’s plane.

Is this normal? Is there any fix?

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I do remember sitting in a cockpit and seeing an airplane (some type of jet-airliner) take off almost next to me and wondering why I didn’t hear it. It should have shook my airplane so close.

So this might be ‘normal’ in the sim.

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In the Longitude, you can’t hear a thing other than your own aircraft when inside the cockpit. Even when a jumbo is taxing next to you – nothing. I know the Longitude is supposed to be ultra quiet, but wow.

Same as you and that’s another bug for sure as usual :wink:

Why should this be a bug?

Since this depends (not only) on the thickness of the cockpit windows and I doubt that Asobo is calculating this, it’s IMO the more realistic choice.

In an aicraft with a pressurized cabin it would be rather unusual to here other aicraft.

Furthermore usually the engines are running and latest at that point you can’t here other aircraft.


I can hear jet liners when I’m passing in my XCub easily enough, perhaps it’s plane dependant and/or sound settings and/or sound output device (I’m using headphones).


My friend and I fly together regularly and in close formation with Cessna 152/172 and Xcub/Savage Cub aircraft and we can clearly hear each other when we get close enough, which is about this close https://flic.kr/p/2m74TiN - on this flight he even said “I can hear your engine” at this point as I pulled up closer behind him

I hear Airliners landing when C&D in the PMDG DC-6. Multiplayer off.

What would be nice is to be able to choose your headset type so a noise cancelling Dave Clarke wipes out almost all other sound whereas if you set it to a cheapy your ATC is nearly drowned out by engine noise and rattles.

I dunno, as far as GA aircraft are concerned, without headphones on, you can barely hear each other talk much less another sound source outside the plane. With headphones on, well, the point is to not hear your own engine so you can hear what ATC and other passengers in your plane are saying, you’re not going to hear somebody else’s engine.

I suppose maybe in super close formation flying in a P-51 or Corsair, etc… it might be possible.

In any event, I think Asobo is still perfecting their sound system. I’m not sure why they chose WWYSE, but it seems like it’s very hard to implement properly. I’m not necessarily saying it was a bad choice, but I see the devs having a lot of difficulty with it. I imagine over time more people will learn the ins and outs of using the tools, and that Asobo/others will make tools to improve the work flow with it. So I do think the sounds in the sim will improve over time, too.

I hear other aircraft, both in air and at airports, I use headphones.

It’s specifically the Piper from Just Flight. From within my own Piper cockpit, I can hear other aircraft and e.g. fuel trucks, but NOT the other Piper of my multiplayer friend.

So I wonder, is there a switch somewhere in the config files which declares this habit?

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