Heathrow airport large number of traffic

Hi All,
Since the latest update while on Approach to LHR London Heathrow there are aircraft every where. Some only yards behind each other on approach and other aircraft crossing left to right on final approach. I have checked my setting in case something has changed. The FTSL injector seems fine. I have turned off multl player In MFS option but doesn’t make any difference. Has anyone one else got this problem. I am using the B787-10. Haven’t had time to check other airports or aircraft as yet.
Any help, as always will be most appreciated.

That is quite normal at a very busy airport.
Turn down the amount of traffic that FSLTL injects.
You can do that from the menu bar when the simulator is running.

Thanks. I haven’t had this problem ever before since the latest update. However I notice a large update to the FSLTL base model has just come in so I will down load this and see if it fixes problem.