Heathrow Airport Xbox CTDs

I purchased Hethrow Airport on xbox Every time i try to make a flight from it as a departure the sim crashes !!
Any one having the same issue here ???

Was going to buy but have seen a lot of people are having CTD, Will hold of until it is fixed, Had a lot of troubler with Gatwick from the same makers as Heathrow and am still waiting for a fix for that.


I think ya dont purchase it untill they fix it

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I purchased the original version on the Marketplace for PC. It worked ok although caused significant frame rate hit. Upgrade was released on Friday which I installed on PC. After this I experienced constant CTD. Deleted the airport from the simulation and no further CTD’s. I would avoid this airport purchase especially if you have Premium Deluxe version of the simulator as it as a better version of London Heathrow.

i have the same problem wth Heathrow by iniscene

Same here. Wish I joined this forum before purchase I also didn’t realise the premium deluxe addition has a better version of LHR. I have the series X and it crashes every time. Uninstalled it until I know its fixed. Unless someone can tell me the way to fix it, ? I think I’ll stay clear of INISCENE for now.

Same i bought it today and cant spawn at Heathrow at all. Why is it still in the marketplace if it doesn’t work?

Hey all. So i bought and downloaded Heathrow Airport V2 on xbox series x. Game instantly CTD when on approach to the airport. If i create a flight plan to depart from heathrow airport and click on “FLY” INSTANT CTD when loading in. Simply put…since i bought the 3rd party add on,i havent seen it yet in game at all as the game keeps crashing. I have multiplayer on,live traffic off,real world weather preset. Anyone else having this issue?

Hi. My understanding is. If you have the premium delux version, it already improves the graphics of Heathrow, The add on crashes. I’ve uninstalled the add on and don’t have any CTDs. Not sure if Iniscene is fixing it ?. Hope this helps.


I’m also experiencing CTDs after upgrading to vs 2. Now trying without to see if that indeed fixes it. Very frustrating.

I have the basic MSFS version, so that’s why I liked to have a more advanced EGLL version. The scenery itself is quite OK I think, although heavy on the FPS. But with CTDs… :frowning: