Heathrow observation with runways

I takeoff from Heathrow a lot, and I notice that only one runway is ever in use.

For example currently 09L is in use for landing according to flightaware, in game that’s the same.
But setting up a flight via world map asks me to takeoff from this same runway as well?
Looking on flightaware it looks like they are taking off from 09R.

Is it just screwed up in the sim?

Edit/ I did just notice some land at 09R as well in sim, but irl would it not 1 runway being used for landing and the other for takeoff?

In most cases, normally yes, the longer runway for takeoff, the shorter for landing.
I suspect when this Scenery Gateway project gets going, you will be easily able to specify that.
It was possible to do so in the older sims.
You probably can do so now if you are into messing with the SDK.

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I’m on Xbox here so not much I can do. Anyway hopefully these things get fixed soon. Asobo should put all their resources into getting ATC and the navigation side of things working as they should.

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Don’t forget Heathrow alternate their runways weekly in RL & Vatsim

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Yeah, but should I be assigned a runway to takeoff from that is used for landing, in this case Heathrow that has 2 runways.

Yesterday it was like that and I was having to wait ages, though funnily enough it seemed to sort itself out earlier and all the planes started to land on the other runway.

Perhaps as you say with the alternating the sim takes a while to catch up, thus messing things up a little.

Unless you are using vatsim, the sim doesn’t do that alternating.

I noticed traffic was reacting to my location. I was at an airport with an active ILS runway and on a smaller strip by the GA side of the airport. Most of the larger jet traffic seemed to be landing on this strip for some odd reason.

I use that location to avoid a 15 minute taxi as parking is so close to the runway.

Then the traffic direction seemed to change depending on which side of the runway I was on. I had ATC off, so it may have gone into some kind default mode to fit what I was doing?

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Yeah funnily enough I was parked at a gate on the 09R side, I could see aircraft landing on 09L, once I taxied over to 09L I noticed aircraft were landing at 09R and all live traffic was taking off on 09L.
So could have something with regards to plane location.

Mind you it wasn’t like that the other day I was having to wait for aircraft to land before I could takeoff.

Interesting :thinking: I have the taxi ribbons on and I decided to go the other way. When I got to the end, the traffic pattern had changed and matched my runway choice.

Yesterday, for the first time I saw an AI airplane take off!

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Its a bit weird isn’t it, needs some work thats for sure. But nice to see aircraft taxi and takeoff.

Heathrow alternates Westerlies as mentioned above, using one for takeoff and one for landing and they normally switch at 3pm.

When on Easterlies they only ever use 09L for landing and 09R for Take-Off, which is all to do with noise abatement. If they can be fit in, the occasional aircraft will land on 09R too, normally because they’re parking on the South side and it’s easier to do that than have them cross the runway.

During the deepest darkest days of the pandemic 27L/09R was closed for a while and LHR operated single runway. Taking off from 09L made an interesting change!


Good info, I just don’t think it works very well in the sim, not what I have noticed anyway on xbox, I believe there is a bug as well where ATC assigns the wrong runways based on weather.

You’re absolutely right, the sim doesn’t simulate this at all.

The in-game ATC is very rudimentary to be honest.

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