Heavy CTD .Win nearly crash

Had a few CTD near mega airports. Adjusted some traffic - Much better.

Running settings at High - I dared to try Ultra at most settings.
Worked fine for several flights. Then I got CTD starting in a small airport Belgium.
I reduced settings to High.
Next CTD was serious - total crash. Message was something about memory not read ??
Restart PC twice, my screensaver was lost, only black screen.
After moving 4 times- I was still able to find my old 11 year old upgrade to 64 bit dvd along with Win activation key. . Re activate and I am back for more beating…

what are your pc specs ? kinda weird MFS2020 would affect your windows operation any way but constant restart will kick in system recovery for sure

There is a simconnect issue right now that is causing this.
It is supposed to be addressed in this coming update.
You actually found the temporary solution, which is the less you run through simconnect the more stable the sim is.
By dialing back the AI, you did just that.
Not using any external aps helps as well.
There are a lot of threads/posts in the forum on this issue if you want to search for more info.

I very much doubt MSFS hurt your computer as it doesn’t even use the registry.

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Thanks for quick reply.

i5 -9600K 3.7 Ghz
16gb ram
Flight sim installed on a new 1tb SSD.

I did ran a registry check. No problem - you are right …

The activation issue could be related to my latest heavy hardware upgrade. I should probably re-activated back then…

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and we are sure your read the posts about the windows virtual memory :slight_smile:

But still the question: have you already increased the windows virtual memory to e.g. 4Gig Min and 20Gig Max ( or 30Gig Max ) ?

If I remember correct - 24 ram

here is thread with images about these setting:

If already done, then there are lots of other possible reasons.
Possible check this thread too:

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