Heavy stutters landing at LEBL (LVFR) SU8

Hi there!
After SU8 I´m getting heavy stutters and lags trying to land in LEBL by Latin VFR with A32NX experimental
No matter the RWY I land.
Once landed the performance recovers.
As well I noticed a lot of Flickering in Terminal 1 at night.

I have bought this scenery at Marketplace, cuurent version installed is 1.0.8
No updates available in content manager
Anyone having the same issue at this scenery?

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havent tried, ill test in a bit. I had some minor fps drops at KSAN though although Im expecting an update to hit.

I’d be curious to know whether LEBL airport from LVFR works with the new world update or do you still have issues? Since this addon also includes a few “landmarks” in Barcelona I wonder if that will cause conflicets with new landmarks in the update. Looks like a nice airport if it is compatible with the update.

The airport needs an update for WU8 compatibility.
I had unnisntalled before the WU8

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Scenery wise it seems to work perfetcly fine with WU8, even the included landmarks.
There has been a change to the runway designations in real life with the new AIRAC cycle from today however. 07/25 are now 06/24 so in this regard the airport needs an update to recognize the correct SIDs, STARs and approaches.

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Great to hear this.
Lets hope Latn VFR release an update ASAP.
thanks for the info.


Neo Mallorca

Thanks for the additional confirmation. I was interested in this airport because it’s currently almost 1/2 off in the sale. I think I can live with those problems for now assuming LVFR will update at some point.

LatinVFR claim that their airports are all perfectly working with SU8 and no updates needed, so that’s a concern about future fixes:


They also said they will fix both the double POI and runway issues.



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I hope they will fix the flickering terminal 1 textures as well

Yes it’s a bit of a FPS hog especially when used with AIG traffic , causing stutters on approach at about 1000 ft till touchdown

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Yeah, i noticed too with AIG

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Did you update the A320NX. I had the same issue in LEBL with a few version ago of the aircraft. Frames dropping to single digits at touch down and recovering at 40 knots. FBW ack the issue and updated the aircraft few days ago

I’m using the last dev build. Did you try latest VNav Experimental ?

Last EXP version works perfectly in LEBL. Did a flight yesterday into LEBL from LEMD. VNAV still wanky but it works. No issue with FPS (except for normal FPS drop due to scenery and photogrammetry)

Ok, I’m gonna try it now .
I asume you are using the MCDU server workaround .

Sorry, Did a flight from LEMD to LEBL…mmmm no…no server workaround ( what is it?)

Is a workaround recomended by @TenPatrol for Dev and experimental users. It works for me these last few days.

Ok. I’ll check