Heavy stutters landing at LEBL (LVFR) SU8

The MCDU server is locked by firewall. This app allows to open two firewall ports that ( dev & Exp) MCDU needs for connection.
Just execute the app , press Y or N and minimice. Don’t close the app while using A32NX.

No need.

Update FBW to the latest dev version.
Launch msfs - select FBW - fly.

Go to Flypad settings → sim options tab → perm off.

The three settings are:

  • Auto On:
    • The MCDU attempts to connect to the MCDU Server for 5min after pressing “Ready to Fly”.
    • If this setting is selected the MCDU will try to connect to the MCDU Server for 5min after every start of a new flight.
  • Auto Off:
    • After 5min of unsuccessful connection attempts the MCDU will stop any further attempts and this setting will be automatically set.
  • Perm Off:
    • The MCDU will not make any attempts to connect to the MCDU Server.



Ok, thanks I saw this in MCDU options but I didn’t Know exactly what options to choose. Im not using MCDU in my tab and no real printer as well.

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You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

I bought LEBL through Marketplace and the only runway listed with a STAR and ILS is RWY 02. All other entries say “ILS Y” or “ILS Z”. No listing for any other runways, including 25 K or R.
Before SU8 all was fine. My sim is the store version.

We are waiting the update in marketplace.
For now I have 1.0.8. The new LEBL update should be 1.1 but no updates are available in marketplace at this time.

The runway numbers have changed IRL and in game.

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Thanks for letting us know. LEBL runways are incorrect since WU8. The only correct one is runway 02. Looking forward to the update.
Best Regards