Height in Barcelona Port

Being a frequent flyer of LEBL (Barcelona BCN) airport, the experience is ruined by the false skypcrapers and mill towers of the port. It is VERY surprising to have those problems when there was a video made a few month ago about this specific town as a teaser for us, non alpha and betas beneficiaries .
How the hell can Asobo or whoever release a video clip… and not see (while recording the video) that something is wrong with the port and correct it ?
Basically, the city experience , amongst others, is ruined by this problem. Attention to details is also important. I can not imagine that they are not aware of those ruining experience glitches and have not designed a system so that the community can correct those problems online, which we would all be very happy. All simmers know that designing the world does take more than 7 days (!)…

How can I, as a user, correct those height problems ? Is there a file we can tweak ?


I reported it and got a reply saying they are aware of the issue, so it might be solved in a patch down the road.

Thqnk you for the answer, but what a pity that the users cannot correct it;

This will not always be the case. The SDK will eventually provide the tools and capability to edit much of MSFS content. Right now, in its very early state, this isn’t yet possible, but as it is updated in the coming months, more and more editing capability will be introduced. Suggest you read about the SDK so you can prepare yourself to do your own customizations in the months to come.

You can enable Developer Mode in Options / General, which will add a new menu along the top of the sim window. From there you can download and install the SDK and start getting familiar.

I reported too


You can try this fix: https://www.flightsim.to/file/111/removal-of-monolith-near-lebl-barcelona

Thank you very much