Height of AI Buildings adjustable?

Hello guys

Is there a way to change the height of the AI blackshark generated buildings?

Sometimes, like for an add-on for example, I would like to change the height of some buildings to something more correct. Sometimes they have two stories (floors) instead of 3 or 4 in reality. Or they other way around, sometimes they are too tall.
Is there a way to change that?

I thought about somethink like the polygon tool where you have options like vegetation, of there are buildings yes or no…
But so far, I have not found an option to change the height (amount of floors) of the buildings.

Is it possible? Should be… does not sound too complicated to me…

Thanks a lot,

Hi Oliver, as far as I know there is no way to change AI scenery. You can replace AI scenery. In the SDK, you can use a polygon tool to remove a certain building, then your corrected building (either your own mesh object or a library choice) can be placed over it. You set the correct height in your replacement. Also, standard building from the library can be resized as you like. The shortest way would be, to select a library object of a certain standard building type and the scale it in the SDK UI when you place it.

Is there a question to Asobo to include this that I can vote on somewhere? I want the excact same thing, and also expected to see something about the height with the use of the polygon tool.

Many times I just want to give the AI some help with autogenerated buildings by giving the correct height. It often does wonderful things with finding the shape, but the height is sometimes off. It would make it easier to clean up the heights of building where you live with a Building-Height-Pack kind of addon instead of having to create every building yourself from scratch. You can do “force detect bulding”, so I don’t see why you couldn’t do a “force height”.

The standard buildings will just lead to the building being even more incorrect. I tried that out, found that correcting something with incorrect height with something that had incorrect height AND shape was not an option.